Graduate School

Research area A - Process chains in sheet metal manufacturing

1. Generation of Research area A

Dissertation topic A1: Microstructure evolution during rolling and recrystallization
(Supervising tutors: Riedel, Böhlke)
Dissertation topic A2: Microstructure evolution during deep drawing
(Supervising tutors: Böhlke, Gumbsch)
Dissertation topic A3: Simulation of recrystallization
(Supervising tutors: Nestler, Tekkaya)
Dissertation topic A4: Developing new tool concepts for deep drawing: Simulation und process management
(Supervising tutors: Böhlke, Liewald)
Dissertation topic A5: Identifying the correlations between process parameters, microstructure and mechanical properties with generic models
(Supervising tutors: Gumbsch, Link)
Dissertation topic A6: Microstructure und mechanical behavior
(Supervising tutors: Kraft, Gumbsch)

2. Generation of Research area A

Transfer project T-A2: Micromechanical modeling and simulation of forming processes
(Supervising tutors: Böhlke, Tekkaya)
Dissertation topic A7: Crystal plasticity and macroscopic modeling of cold-formable multi-phase steels
(Supervising tutors: Helm, Liewald)
Dissertation topic A8: Simulation of grain structure evolution during cold rolling and annealing
(Supervising tutors:Nestler, Tekkaya)
Dissertation topic A9: Experimental characterization and thermo-mechanical modeling of press hardening
(Supervising tutors: Helm, Tekkaya) 
Dissertation topic A10: Material and simulation models for the optimization of manufacturing processes​
(Supervising tutors: Gumbsch, Böhlke)
Dissertation topic A11: Microstructure Development and mechanical properties
(Supervising tutors:Mönig, Wanner)
Dissertation topic A12: Thermomechanical Homogenization of Multi-Phase Steels
(Supervising tutors: Böhlke, Grumbsch)
Dissertation topic A13: Local analysis of residual stresses on strongly textured materials
(Supervising tutors: Gibmeier, Kraft)
Dissertation topic A14: Two-Scale Thermo-Mechanical Simulation of Hot Stamping
(Supervising tutors: Böhlke, Schulze)
Dissertation topic A15:

Online State Tracking with Data-Driven Process Models (Supervising tutors: Link, Schulze)

3. Generation of Research area A

Dissertation topic A16:

Material and simulation models for the optimization of manufacturing processes

(Supervising tutors: Helm, Liewald)

Dissertation topic A17: Thermomechanical modelling of the heat treatment of steels using the phase-field method
(Supervising tutors: Nestler, Tekkaya)
Dissertation topic A18: Tribologie beim Tiefziehen: Einfluss von Oberflächentopografie und Schmierstoff
(Supervising tutors: Gumbsch, Böhlke)
Dissertation topic A19: Martensitische Phasenumwandlung in Dualphasenstählen
(Supervising tutors: Mönig, Wanner)
Dissertation topic A20: Micromechanical modeling of steels
(Supervising tutors: Böhlke, Gumbsch)
Dissertation topic A21: Simulationsmodelle für die Herstellung von Bauteilen mit gradierten Eigenschaften durch Presshärten
(Supervising tutors: Helm, Tekkaya)
Dissertation topic A22: Eigenspannungsanalyse stark texturierter Werkstoffzustände unter Berücksichtigung der Bauteilgeometrie
(Supervising tutors: Gibmeier, Kraft)
Dissertation topic A23: Thermomechanical phase transformation in dual phase steels
(Supervising tutors: Böhlke, Schulze)
Dissertation topic A24:
Optimal-adaptive online control of non-stationary manufacturing processes
(Supervising tutors: Link, Gumbsch)