Graduate School

Project B13: Energy efficiency in manufacturing

Person in Charge: Dipl.-Ing. Boris Matuschka
The efficient use of energy is more than ever an essential issue in our society. Especially for manufacturing companies, which are responsible for a considerable percentage of  resources and energy consumed, the efficient use of energy is an opportunity to generate competitive advantages. Energy efficiency measures can be applied and implemented at several levels. Hence, within this sub-project of the Research Training Group 1483 a consecutive approach is followed. Starting from a single process, its process control and the resulting impacts on the next process step, energetic evaluation methods are developed. That enables an integrated consideration and an optimization of the whole process chain.
Research Aims
  • Power measurements in broaching (SAE 5120, SAE 4140)
    • Soft machining
    • Hard machining
  • Energy and cost considerations
    • Tool production and tool preparation
    • Set-up time
    • Personnel costs
  • Comparison of energy use in case and induction hardening
  • Energy and cost evaluation of individual process steps
    • Holistic measures for energy-efficient machining
  • Comparison of two process chains using different heat treatment processes
    • Case hardening: SAE 5120 (20MnCr5)
    • Heat treatment: SAE 4140 (42CrMo4)
  • Optimization of the process chain