Graduate School

Project B7: Describing the localisation of deformations and deterioration in simulating machining processes

Person in Charge: Dipl.-Ing. Valentina A. Pavlova


  • a lack of information on what exactly happens during the chip formation at the primary and secondary shear zones as well as effects which take place under different process conditions
  • difficulty to get an insight into the process and the mechanical loading due to the high temperature gradients and high plastic strain rates in the machining process


  • development of an improved methodology for chip formation simulation under ABAQUS/Explicit
  • analysis of the influence of process and material parameters on the process values and stability


Research Results
  • modeling of the orthogonal metal cutting process
  • development of remesh procedures
  • comparison of simulations with the explicit and implicit solvers implemented in ABAQUS
  • investigation of the influence of high friction coefficients by finite element simulations
  • application of a new remesh method to the blanking process