Graduate School

Project B1: Optimizing the process chain management of soft machining -case hardening -hard processing

Person in Charge: Dipl.-Ing. Harald Meier
Motivation and aim:
When considering the manufacturing process of a component as a whole, the influence of a single production step has to be determined to gain best results for the finished part. The considered process chain consists of soft- and hard-machining accomplished by broaching with an intermediate heat treatment step. Therefore, it is essential to obtain knowledge about the effects of single process steps (as broaching) on the component condition to set up the desired final component state after the last machining step.
The aim of the project is to forecast the component characteristics as well as the residual stress states after each process step.
Research Results
  • Experimental determination and variation of the process parameters during broaching 
  • Experimental characterization of the component condition after each process step
  • Distortion Analysis
  • Approximation of cutting forces with increasing cutting speeds
  • Lowest specific cutting forces at cutting speed of 20 m/min 
  • No distinctive influence of cutting speed and lubrication to surface quality