Graduate School

A-Area: A multi phase-field model including pore spaces in simulations of sintering processes

Person in Charge: M. Sc. Comp. Sc. Johannes Hötzer

Motivation and objectives:

  • Simulation of the total (inital, intermediate and final stage) sinter process
  • Optimization of the process and material parameters
  • Better understanding of the involved processes
  • Prediction of the structure
Approach Results
  • Large scaling phase-field simulations including pores
  • Variation of the particle size and temperature
  • Study of the densification under different process and material parameters
  • Study of the Cobel-exponents for the underlying diffusion mechanism
  • Validation of the model
  • Simulations expect the densification
  • Pores emerge, split and merge
  • Cobel-exponents differ, because we use no concentrationfield at the moment
  • Next step is to integrate a  concentration field to describe the various diffusion paths