Graduate School

B-Area: PinCh- Process integrated characterization using X-ray diffraction methods

Person in Charge: Dipl.-Ing. Vladimir Kostov

Main Objective:

  • Development and allocation of synchrotron instrumentation and methods to provide a real-time insight into complex thermo-mechanical processes, which proceed during the manufacturing or the modification of microstructures by means of laser processing
  • to gain deeper comprehension of surface laser processing by means of the analyses of the time and temperature dependent evolution of the microstructure and of mechanical stresses 
Methods Results
  • Oxide free laser surface hardening on low alloyed steels via  High Power Diode Lasers (HPDL)
  • Spatially resolved ex-situ (after laser processing) analyses of residual stress distributions after laser surface hardening by means of X-Ray and Neutron diffraction
  • In-situ spatial and time resolved synchrotron X-ray diffraction analyses during laser surface hardening of steel samples
  • Systematic characterization of the local microstructure and of the local (residual) stress state with variation of process parameters for laser surface hardening of steel AISI 4140
  • Establishment of an analysis set-up for process integrated material characterization with synchrotron X-ray diffraction during laser surface treatment
  • Real time monitoring of phase transformations and of the mechanical stress evolution during laser surface hardening of steel AISI 4140