Graduate School

Research area B - Combinations of different manufacturing processes for solid components

1. Generation of Research area

Dissertation topic B1: Optimizing the process chain management of soft machining -case hardening -hard processing
(Supervising tutors: Schulze, Wanner)
Dissertation topic B2:



Analysis of changes in residual stresses and distortions resulting from case hardening in hard processing
(Supervising tutors: Wanner, Schulze)



Dissertation topic B3:



Development of residual stresses and distortion during the heating step of case hardening
(Supervising tutors: Schulze, Nester)



Dissertation topic B4: Applying similarity mechanics and finite element simulations to increase process efficiency in soft and hard processing
(Supervising tutors: Schulze, Böhlke)
Dissertation topic B5: Developement of a numerical process modell for induction single and dual frequency surface hardening
(Supervising tutors: Schulze, Nestler)
Dissertation topic B6: Simulation of diffusion and microstructure evolution in the Fe-C system
(Supervising tutors: Nestler, Schulze)
Dissertation topic B7: Describing the localisation of deformations and deterioration in simulating machining processes
(Supervising tutors: Gumbsch, Schulze)

2. Generation of Research area

Transfer project T-B5: Processdevelopment of inductive dual frequence surface hardening by numerical modeling
(Supervising tutors: Schulze, Gumbsch, Hoffmeister)
Dissertation topic B8: Simulation of phase transformation during hot forming process
(Supervising tutors: Nestler, Schulze)
Dissertation topic B9: Mapping the carburisation and quenching steps of case hardening by using the FEM
(Supervising tutors: Hoffmeister, Nestler)
Dissertation topic B10:



Simulation of the distortion potential of thin-walled components with internal residual stress during machining
(Supervising tutors: Schulze, Böhlke)



Dissertation topic B11: Simulation of dual frequency induction surface hardening and the resultant properties
(Supervising tutors: Hoffmeister, Böhlke)
Dissertation topic B12: Hard broaching of complex component geometries
(Supervising tutors: Zanger, Kraft)
Dissertation topic B13: Energy efficiency in manufacturing
(Supervising tutors: Zanger, Link)

3. Generation of Research area

 Dissertation topic B14:  Project B14: Quantitative phase-field simulation of induction hardening in plain-carbon steels
(Supervising tutors: Nestler, Schulze)
 Dissertation topic B15: Mechanische Oberflächenbehandlung von Massivbauteilen und Presshärtebauteilen
(Supervising tutors: Hoffmeister, Nestler)
 Dissertation topic B16: Entwicklung einer Strategie für die Hartbearbeitung pressgehärteter Bauteile
(Supervising tutors: Zanger, Kraft)
 Dissertation topic B17: Prozessauslegung bei der Zweifrequenzhärtung komplexer Bauteile
(Supervising tutors: Hoffmeister, Böhlke)
 Dissertation topic B18: Simulation der Bearbeitung von pressgehärteten Bauteilen
(Supervising tutors: Schulze, Böhlke)
 Dissertation topic B19: Energieeffiziente Herstellung von Bauteilen höchster Festigkeit
(Supervising tutors: Zanger, Link)