Graduate School

Project A3: Simulation of recrystallization

Person in Charge: M.Sc. Alexander Vondrous

About 50 % of the world crude steel production is hot and cold rolled to plates and stripes. Simulating the material properties during the processing steps is therefore of great interest for industry and science.
The objective of my work is to simulate recrystallization of a cold rolled polycrystalline microstructure during annealing with the phase-field method. The challenge is to identify recrystallization nuclei and their orientations, as well as to determine the driving forces.
A virtual process chain, which is based on experimental data has to be established in cooperation with Simone Schendel and Pierre Bienger to simulate cold rolling and subsequent annealing.

Method Results
  • Cold rolling simulations of Pierre Bienger with the finite element method and a crystal plasticity model deliver the data to create a subgrain structure.
  • Nuclei of the subgrain structure are identified by comparing experimental pole figures with the pole figure of a nucleation threshold.
  • The driving force for nuclei growth is the stored energy, which is introduced during cold rolling.
  • The virtual process chain of cold rolling an annealing in cooperation with Simone Schendel and Pierre Bienger has been established, such that a dataflow between the processes and methods exists.
  • Orientations selection during recrystallization is simulated with the developed nucleation model.
  • The phase-field model is extend with an additional driving force to simulate recrystallisation and recovery processes.