Graduate School

A-Area: Simulation of the thermal and mechanical stresses in brake discs

Person in Charge: Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Schmid
  Motivation and goals:
High applied loads at few construction space make computer simulation a necessary and important tool in the  design of brake discs.
The required macroscopic material models will be deduced out of mesoscopic RVE-simulations of the microstructure and their homogenization.
Further, changes in microstructure due to thermal and mechanical loads will be modeled.
Investigations Results 
  • phase-field method for multiphase systems
  • damage of Graphit
  • small strain elasto-plastic Prandtl-Reuss model
  • ABAQUS UMAT for macroscopic material model
  • experiments on cast iron
  • reproduce cast iron structures
  • virtual tensile test of cast iron
  • comparison of the analytical solution of Eshelby / simulation
  • influence of the orientation and geometrie of inclusions on the macroscopic material properties