Graduate School

Project A5: Identifying the correlations between process parameters, microstructure and mechanical properties with generic models

Person in Charge: Dipl. Inform. (FH) Melanie Senn

Motivation and objectives:

  • Control of the process chain rolling – recrystallisation annealing – deep drawing
  • Optimal control of one process to optimize the process chain 
    • Process state tracking 
    • Process control
Research Results
  • Process state tracking
    • Identification of dependencies between observables and state variables 
    • Extraction of process features 
    • Deduction of workpiece properties from process features (cooperation with A2)
  • Process control
    • Determination of the optimal parameters
  • Process state tracking 
    • Artificial Neural Networks 
    • Principal Component Analysis 
    • Partial Least Squares Regression
    • Principal Function Approximators
  • Process control
    • Stochastic Bellman Equation 
    • Dynamic Programming 
    • Approximate Dynamic Programming

Example: deep drawing