Graduate School

Project B5: Developement of a numerical process modell for induction single and dual frequency surface hardening

Person in Charge: Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Schwenk
Motivation and objectives:
Induction surface hardening is an energy-efficient and low distortion alternative to case hardening.
In order to evolve its full potential, numerical process models are necessary. On one side they allow the identification of modes of action and on the other the developement of a much deeper process understanding. At the moment, there are no process modells for dual frequency induction surface hardening. Hence, the objective of this project focuses on developing a finite element process modell, while considering process specific aspects in order to predict residual stress distributions and distortion.
Methods Results
  • Development of 2-D Finite Element Modell
  • Characterisation of process parameters
  • Determination of process specific material properties
  • Induction hardening experiment for Kalibration and Validation
  • Identifikation of modes of action

Determination of magnetic and mechanical properties

Comparison of residual stress profile

Magnetic and mechanical properties of AISI 4140