Graduate School

Project A2 - Microstructure evolution during deep drawing

Person in Charge: Tung Phan Van, Prof. T. Böhlke

Motivation and objectives:
The anisotropic elasto-plastic behavior of polycrystalline aggregates is mainly governed by the crystallographic texture. The accurate computational description of single process steps for the production of structural parts, therefore, requires the incorporation of microstructural information and their evolution. Thus, a strongly coupled  two-scale approach will be applied, in which the crystallographic texture is accounted for at the integration points of finite elements in a deep drawing simulation of a DC04 sheet by means of a mean-field method.

Investigations Results
  • Constitutive law based on crystal plasticity for body-centered cubic materials
  • Modeling of micro pillar compression and macroscopic tensile tests
  • Homogenization of mechanical properties
  • Implementation of the local constitutive law combined with the Taylor approach as a UMAT in ABAQUS
  • Identification of a crystal plasticity constitutive law for DC04
  • Verification of the model by means of spatially resolved simulations on the grain scale
  • Generation of a two-scale deep drawing model accounting for reduced orientation data from EBSD measurements
  • Comparison of measured and simulated earing profiles of drawn cups