Graduate School

Project B12: Hard broaching of complex component geometries

Person in Charge: Dipl.-Ing. Farboud Bejnoud
Modern gearboxes are technically sophisticated units with high performance requirements for dynamic loads and lifecycle. They have to fulfill these requirements as a unit as well as the single components, to ensure a reliable operation. In the center of attention are precision and strenght of the components. For that reason hard broaching as the very last step in a production line deserves special attention, specially in respect of dimensional accuracy and surface quality. During this project the influencing variables of hard broaching are to be analyzed in order to optimize the component properties.
Reseach Aims
  • Influence of tool wear on component parts
  • Distortion as a result of hard broaching
  • Transfer of the achieved process knowledges on a part with low wall thickness and graduated microstructure
  • Conversion of wet to dry processing
  • Reducing process forces for hard broaching
  • Evenly wear of cutting edges based on defined tool preparation
  • Positive influences on component surface layer based on proper tool design configuation
  • Application and pursuing the data base for optimized parameter combinations