Graduate School

Project A8: Simulation of grain structure evolution during cold rolling and annealing

Person in Charge: Dipl.–Phys. Daniel Schneider

Motivation and goals:
To reproduce the manufacturing process for sheet metal forming with physical models, several phenomena have to be captured and quantified. These include the deformation of the microstructure during the rolling process as well as recovery processes.

The aim of A8 is to model the microstructure evolution during the cold rolling and the subsequent recovery processes with the phase-field method.


Methods Results 


  • generalized phase-field method for multiphase systems
  • small strain elasto-plastic Prandtl-Reuss model
  • geometric nonlinearities in eulerian representation


  • using and extending stored energy based driving force model of project A3
  • comparison of the results with EBSD data of project A11

Validation of the elasto phase-field model:

  • comparison of stress fields around crack tips with analytical predictions
  • detection of excess energy at the phase transition
  • modification of the free energy model to the “grand elastic potential” model


  • phase-field adapted Prandtl-Reuss model
  • cyclic tensile tests of polycrystalline structures