Graduate School

B-Area: Continuum mechanical investigation of the size effect of the specific cutting force

Person in Charge: Dr.-Ing. Matthias Weber

Motivation and Aims:

  • development of an external remesh procedure (1) and benchmark of its implementation for the use in simulations of the high dynamic micro machining process with ABAQUS/Explicit
  • numerical investigation of process specific size effects and identification of their macroscopic continuum mechanical reasons
  • numerical investigation of the deformation fields for the ductile plastic flow around cutting edges under high hydrostatic pressures and/or high friction coefficients
Investigations Results
  • investigation of the mathematical behavior of the new remap method by the comparison of the accumulated error E after a given number of repetitions n (2)
  • investigation of the size effect of the specific cutting force and macroscopic evidence of its continuum mechanical causes
  • investigation of the local material loading history in the micro machining process for different process parameter sets
  • the new remap method is well suited to micro machining simulations since its mathematical diffusion is more than two orders lower than it is for an interpolation (Fig. 2)
  • the size effect of the specific cutting force is primarily caused by the strain rate sensitivity of AISI-1045 (Fig. 3)
  • large cutting edge radii in micro machining (see Fig. 1) lead to a cyclic plastic deformation near the work piece surface