Graduate School

Project A6: Microstructure und mechanical behavior

Person in Charge: Dipl.-Ing. Simone Schreijäg, Dr. Reiner Mönig

Motivation and aims:
An important criterion for the usage of materials such as deep drawing steels is their mechanical behavior. The research training group 1483 concentrates on the simulation of process chains in raw material production and subsequent material processing. In this work, a simple non alloyed deep drawing steel is investigated. First, the microstructure is analyzed, then small scaled mechanical experiments on selected microstructural units are performed. In addition the microstructure evolution during heat treatments is investigated. The results are used in cooperation with other projects from research area A and serve as input and verification data for the simulations of the process steps rolling, annealing and deep drawing.

Research Results
  • Microstructural analysis by electron backscatter diffraction, observation of microstructure evolution during mechanical loading and heat treatments (in situ experiments)
  • Tensile tests on sheet metals
  • Micromechanical experiments on single grains and grain boundaries my microcompression tests, investigation of size scaling effects
  • Dependence of micromechanical behavior of DC04 steel on sample size and structure
  • Texture and microstructure evolution of DC04 steel during cold rolling and heat treatments
  • Macroscopic deformation behavior and microstructure evolution during tensile deformation

Deformed DC04 micropillar

Orientation Map (<001> inverse polefigure) of hot rolled DC04 steel