Graduate School

Project A11: Microstructure Development and mechanical properties

Person in Charge: Dipl.-Ing. Moritz Wenk, Dr. Reiner Mönig
Motivation and aims:
During raw material production the mechanical properties of the produced material can be influenced. The research training group 1483 concentrates on the simulation of process chains in raw material production and subsequent material processing. Besides simulations, experiments are performed in order to determine the mechanical behavior and the microstructure of materials at different processing steps. The results of these studies serve as input and verification data for the simulations. Based on the expertise acquired within the first generation, A11 extends the investigated material from a single phase steel to a dual phase steel. Experiments are performed both on the macro and on the micro scale under mechanical as well as thermal load.
Research Result
  • Electron backscatter diffraction: Phase, microstructure analysis, local stress measurement
  • Evaluation of microstructure evolution during loading and heating (in situ experiment)
  • Measurement of  macro mechanical properties with tensile tests
  • Micromechanical experiments on microstructure units and their interfaces with micro compression tests
  • Mechanical behavior of single microstructure components
  • Size and orientation dependent material behavior
  • Deformation behavior and local stresses
  • Influence of the microstructure on the deformation behavio

Dual phase steel DP600

Stress distribution 11 [MPa] measured by EBSD